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High Park Street, Liverpool 8: 1982

This photograph was taken during the long cold winter of 1982 at the corner of Prince's Avenue and High Park Street in the Toxteth (from Old Danish: 'Toki's landing place') district of Liverpool- more commonly referred to by locals as 'Liverpool 8'..

Such are the racial politics of the area that this side of Prince's Avenue is traditionally considered 'white Toxteth'- the other side, centred around Granby Street, is 'black Toxteth'...

The tall building in the centre is the Empress pub. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was born nearby on July 7th 1940. Named after his father, he was the only child of Richard Starkey and Elsie Gleave. The family resided at 9 Madryn Street, a six-room terrace house (illustrated below). Richard Snr. left home when little Richard, now called Ritchie, was three. In 1944 Ritchie and his mother moved to 10 Admiral Grove, a smaller, less expensive terrace house around the corner. Ritchie called 10 Admiral Grove home until he moved to London with the Beatles.

On the cover of his first solo album, Sentimental Journey (1970), he is pictured standing outside his old local, the Empress.

The youth in the foreground is walking upon the site of Pimhill Street, which had been demolished shortly before the photograph was taken. The site has since been covered by new housing.

Liverpool 8 by Ringo Starr

I was a sailor first
I sailed the sea
Then I got a job
In a factory
Played Butlins camp
With my friend Rory
It was good for him
It was great for me

Liverpool I left you
Said goodbye to Madryn Street
I always followed my heart
And I never missed a beat
Destiny was calling
I just couldn’t stick around
Liverpool I left you
But I never let you down

Went to Hamburg
The red lights were on
With George and Paul
And my friend John
We rocked all night
We all looked up
We didn’t have much
But we had enough

Repeat Chorus

In the USA
When we played Shea
We were number one
Man, it was fun
When I look back
It sure was cool
For those four boys
From Liverpool

Liverpool I left you
Said goodbye to Admiral Grove
I always followed my heart
So I took it on the road
Destiny was calling
I just couldn’t stick around
Liverpool I left you
But I never let you down

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