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Crash Landing: Cotton Abbot's Farm, Waverton 1997

Farmer and County Councillor Ed Walley has generously opened up his land to the community and there provided a fantastic nature trail which ranges over several miles of beautiful countryside near the village of Waverton, near Chester.

As well as good fresh air and a rich variety of trees, flowers and wildlife, the 'Crockie Trail' has slides and swings like you've never seen before, amazing sculptures (don't miss the earthwork lady, the giant's chair and a vast crocodile fashioned from living willow!)- and many terrifying bridges and ropes stretched across extremely muddy streams- brilliant!

My daughters adore it, and we strongly recommend the Crocky Trail as great family day out. Bring a picnic, dress in your old clothes- and prepare to get very, very dirty!

Crockie Trail website

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