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The Picture Gallery: Photographs of Liverpool

Liverpool Waterfront 1985

A 'sunshine and showers' spring evening, looking north from the Albert Dock, the largest group of grade 1 listed buildings in the UK, to the beautiful collection of buildings on Liverpool's Pier Head.
To the right is Salthouse Dock, opened in 1734, and to the east of this, just out of shot, is the site of the first enclosed dock in the world- the 'Old Dock' opened in 1715. The elegant domed building is the headquarters of the Mersey Dock and Harbour Board. To its right, the tall structure, beautifully decorated with 'Egyptian' motifs, actually contains a ventilation shaft for the first Mersey Tunnel, opened in 1934. The area to the left is occupied by the Merseyside Maritime Museum.
Behind all rise the towers of the Royal Liver Building, topped by it's world-famous Liver Birds.

"Have a care of them, for the men of Liverpool are the most perfidious in all England, worse than my pen can describe." Sir Edward Moore 1667

"The degrees of the soil, the purity of the waters, the mildness of the air, the antiseptic ellluvia of pitch and tar, the acid exhalations from the sea, the pregnant brisk gales of wind and the daily visitations of the tides render Liverpool one of the healthiest places in the Kingdom." Dr. Dobson 1772

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