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The Waitrose Development

aerial view of leadworks 1920
An aerial view of the Chester Leadworks and its surroundings in 1920

fosbrook street 1953
Coronation celebrations in Fosbrook Street 1953

victor street 1953
Coronation celebrations in Victor Street 1953

victor street 60s
Victor Street from Boughton 1965

towpath 1990s
towpath 1990s
Two views of the towpath by St. Paul's School in the mid 1990s, showing what a terrible state it had been allowed to fall into

boughton retail park 1
Some views of the Boughton Retail Centre not long before its demolition

boughton retail park 2

boughton retail park 3

boughton retail park 4

foundations of old houses
Foundations of the old streets briefly revealed before disappearing again beneath the new development: January 2014

waitrose 2014
Some views of the new Waitrose supermarket just after opening in November 2014

waitrose 2014

waitrose 2014

waitrose 2014

waitrose 2014

waitrose swan

victor street sign
A surviving memory of Victor Street 2014

Two vanished pubs in Victor Street and Fosbrook Street: The Universal Inn and the Cheshire Sheaf

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