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There's so much material on our site now that we thought it advisable to provide you, dear readers, with some sort of an index to help you find your way about. Bear in mind that this is most definitely a 'work in progress' with much more to be eventually added, but we hope you'll be tempted nontheless and click on a few links to see where they take you. You can get more results by searching our site with the Google search box below. For those wishing to know more, a bibliography and further reading list is here...

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keep on smiling!Abbey of St. Werburgh (now Chester Cathedral): see Cathedral
Abbey Gateway (and Little Abbey Gateway) in Northgate Street/Town Hall Square: gallery of pictures of
Abbey Green | from Deanery Field | Cathedral's proposed development of | photographs of before and after redevelopment | seen in detail from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | Neolithic pottery found at
Abbey Street and Square
Aerarium (Roman strong room): beneath Forum
Aerial photographs of Chester: Newtown 1967 | River Dee and city 1969 | Cathedral 1969 | River Dee early 20th c | building of Inner Ring Road 1965
Aethelflaeda, daughter of Alfred the Great, rebuilt Chester's walls | also here | and here | rebuilt St. John's Church
Ainsworth (Peter, Shadow Culture Secretary): comments about amphitheatre courthouse development- also here
Airport (Liverpool Speke- now 'John Lennon International'): Old photographs of
Albion (public house in Park Street)
Alchemy: Nightclub in the old Royalty Theatre- some remisciences by a former regular.
Alexander's Jazz Bar (website), in Rufus Court
Alexandra Park, Hoole: photograph of on our Hoole webpage | 'When bad things happen to good parks': shabby playground refurbishment in 1997
Almshouses: the 'Nine Houses' | in Duke Street | behind Bluecoat School - also here
Amphitheatre chapters I | 0I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI (the latest information) | Letters about | Chester Amphitheatre Trust | Keith Matthews' site about | planned road across site 1926 | photo of Amphitheatre Gardens: temporarily covered site- also illustrated here and here | size of | Greenwood plan for: drawing | Barbet plan for (1987) Also here (English Heritage's remarkable conclusions) | council criticism of this website for writing about | Tory opposition to courthouse development | John Gummer criticism of same- also here and here (Estates Gazette May 2000) | Peter de Figueiredo connection with | MP Christine Russell connection with | aerial photograph of- also here and here | "City Council is Protecting" press release April 2000 | Jane Kennedy MP: comment about | Areas of Archaeological Importance (AAI) and Greater Chester Local Plan (1988) references to | Flavius: damning critique of | march and demonstration against (July 2nd 2000)- also picture here | Lord Chancellor's connection with (John Gummer: Estates Gazette May 2000)- also here | Peter Ainsworth MP criticism of- also here | Save the Chester Amphitheatre! (1932) | Chester Amphitheatre Trust: website | founding of | banner of | Paul Durham (Chief Executive of Chester City Council): criticism of | Chester Archaeological Society: comments about, Spring 1993 | Insall and Associates commissioned to produce conservation plan, March 2001- summary of: September 2001 | 'Tourism study' commission awarded to York-based Past Forward May 2001 | "council has not listened to public opinion"- research finding March 2001 | City council meeting about July 5th 2000 | McLean press release, "Chester Amphitheatre- Living Partnership" Nov 2000 | archaeological investigations of: 2000 | 2001 | Radio 4 interview 21/12/01 | Ground penetrating Radar survey of: January 2002 | rare tree found in grounds of Dee House | Festival of Archaeology event, 'Chester Amphitheatre brought to Life' 2009 Also photographs of here | Pictures of, and comments about, mural added to the amphitheatre in 2010 | The amphitheatre on the Chester Wiki
Anagrams (Chester)
'Another Place' Anthony Gormley's amazing statues on Crosby beach, photographed by Steve Howe.
Archaeology & History Links
Archers marks in City Wall- also Cheshire and Welsh archers.
Arthur (King): coronation of at Caerlion (Geoffrey of Monmouth) | his visit to Carlion: description of town (T.H.White: The Once and Future King)
Ark Royal (Royal Navy aircraft carrier): Birth of the Ark Royal 1950 by Edward Chambré Hardman, also anonymous photograph of its launch.
Ayerton (Maxwell): architect of first Wembley Stadium and of St. Werburgh's Row opposite Cathedral 1935

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Bakehouse and Brewery
(of Chester Abbey)
Bandstand (on the Groves): 1920s photograph of | photograph of ('Foggy Sunday') | Colour photograph of
Bank of Scotland
: proposed new canalside development, March 2004
(Tony): entepreneur- proposed (unsuccessfully) development for amphitheatre 1987
Barfoot and Wilkes: 18th century authors of the Chester Directory- comments about state of streets in early times | fabled origin of city
Barnaby's Tower- remains of 13th C tower on SE corner of City Walls
Baron's War 1264: preparations for
Barrow Field or Lady Barrow's Hey: former site of Infirmary.
(George) author & illustrator: Bridgegate | site of Roman Garden | Northgate Street
Bath Houses: Roman: site of Grosvenor Precinct | Roman: Watergate Street | Roman: 'Elliptical Building' | Roman: Prestatyn, North Wales- also here
Baths (swimming): Floating baths on River Dee | City Baths | Northgate Arena (inc photo) / future of? | Greenwood's proposed outdoor baths on The Groves | Chester's first baths and wash houses once stood near Watertower- picture of
Bear & Billet Inn (Lower Bridge Street) | Louise Rayner painting of
Beatles: played in Chester at Royalty Theatre and Riverside Ballroom | connection with 'Nowhere' by River Dee
Bede ('the Venerable'): monk at Jarrow in North East England first half eighth century- author of great History of the English Church and People. Reference to early Christian persecutions in the "City of the Legions".
Bedward Row, near former Infirmary
Bibliography of this site and further reading list.
Bigg (William): description of Chester from his work Ten Day's Tourist; or Sniffs of The Mountain Breeze: 1865
Blackburn (William): leading prison architect: consulted about gaol at Chester Castle
Black Friars: medieval Dominican religious community
Black & White Picture Place : fine photographic and digital services
Blacon Online website
Blue Bell Inn, Northgate Street | ghost of | Louise Rayner painting of
Bluecoat School, Northgate Street
Bolingbroke (Henry, Duke of Lancaster): in 1399 deposed Richard II- who was murdered in prison the following year- and was elected King Henry IV
Borrow (George) Traveller and author of Lavengro, Wild Wales etc: of Moel Fammau | of Cheshire cheese and ale | Chester Castle (from Lavengro). The complete text of Wild Wales may be read and downloaded here... highly recommended.
Boswell (James): friend and biographer of Dr.Samuel Johnson; description of Chester, 1779
Boughton: suburb of Chester and the city's ancient place of execution. 'Spital Boughton's Litany of Death and Martyrdom' by Tony Cummings and Steve Howe | evidence of Roman temple discovered at: Oct 2002 | Gallows shown on various old maps of Chester | The 'Boughton Gold Rush'
Bradshaw (Henry): Monk of Chester Abbey; description of Chester 1500 | founding of St. John's Church | King Edgar rowed on the Dee to St. John's by lesser kings
Brandreth (Gyles): Member of Parliament for City of Chester 1991-97: anagrams of name | comments about cost of staying at the Grosvenor Hotel
Brassey, Thomas (1805-1870) Consummate railway engineer born at Buerton near Chester. Built Chester Railway Station and laid thousands of miles of line throughout the world. Brief biography at Wikisource.
Brereton (Sir William): leader of local Parliamentary forces during Civil War: Home of
Brewery (Northgate)- also here. Gallery of photographs of | Lion Brewery: Park - and here | gallery of pictures of | Lost breweries of Chester
Bridges: Old Dee - photograph of | 1938 railway poster of | other views of | Grosvenor Bridge chapter - photograph of | Queen's Park Suspension Bridge- 1920s photo of | 1960s photo of |snowy photograph of | Bridge of Sighs chapter I | II | also here | 'Under the Bridge of Sighs' photograph
Bridgegate chapter I | II | Bridgegate
Bridge Street: 1960s views of in decayed condition | vanished pubs of
British Telecom: acquisition of Dee House- reminisciences of telephone exchange
Brocklebank (Rev.Thomas): description of Chester 1696
'Broken Shin Row' in Lower Bridge Street: paintings by Louise Rayner and photographs.
Brooksbanks wine merchants and publicans in Lower Bridge Street.
Brown (Charles, Alderman): laid out western end of The Groves 1880-1
Brown's of Chester: venerable Chester department store. Family donated The Meadows to city 1926 | Brown's/Debenham's extension destructive to archaeology
Bryant Homes: housing development at former Infirmary
Building (2000 years of Festival)
Burials at Overleigh Cemetery | of heroic old soldier on traffic island near Castle.
Byron (John, first Baron): commander of defending forces during Siege of Chester 1645 | ordered destruction of outlying buildings, including tower of St. John's Church

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(White House, near River Dee, Boughton): handcoloured photo of
(William): description of Chester 1607
Camera Obscura
on Bonewaldesthorne's Tower
(Shropshire Union) near Morgan's Mount | Towpath improvements | history of- also here | old photographs of | See also Cow Lane Bridge | Hoole Lane Locks: photograph of | Northgate Locks: photograph of | Canalside: photograph of | Bank of Scotland proposed developments next to: March 2004
Castle chapter I | II | View from
(Agricola Tower), 1965
Castle Drive
Cathedral chapter
I | II | III | IV origins of | St.Werburgh | shrine of | view of from McGahey's 'View of Chester from a Balloon 1855' | seen from Phoenix Tower, mid-19th century | refectory | choir stalls and misericords | carved 13th c elephant | cloisters- photograph of | 'Devil's footprint' in cloisters | the Chester Imp | new nave floor and archaeological investigations | consistory court | dissolution of abbey | decayed state of | restorers of | 'Cathedral Square' failed proposals |official website of
CDTS (Chester-Deeside Transport System): 'A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Deeside Railway'
(lengthy illustrated guided walk showing images of the old steam line, changes since the Sustrans cycleway was constructed and outlining extensive objections to busway) | Best source of information: letters to this website and the local press in favour of the busway and (very much in the majority: currently 17 pages) opposing it | 'Notes for a controversial history' | press release by Chester City Council about the cancellation of CDTS: Feb 11th 2003 Also on this page hard-hitting editorial from Chester Evening Leader 12th Feb 2003: 'Lessons to be learned from the CDTS fiasco'
(Overleigh): history of / notable burials | gallery of photographs | Chester City Council's Tales of Overleigh Cemetery | The Overleigh Cemetery Database Online
Chapel of
St. Mary de Castro (at Castle)
Chambre-Hardman (Edward, 1898-1988): consummate landscape and portrait photographer with studios in Chester and Liverpool: gallery of photographs | Old Dee Bridge
Charles I
(King): in Chester during Civil War | execution of
(Cheshire): store at old Linen Hall | George Borrow's impressions of
Chester Amphitheatre Trust
: website | see also amphitheatre | initiative for funding excavation, Autumn 2000 | banner
Chester Archaeological Society:
(celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1999)- comments about amphitheatre and Dee House, Spring 1993 | members of responsible for discovery and early exploration of amphitheatre | led campaign to save amphitheatre in 1930s | crucial role in preserving amphitheatre 'overlooked' | official website of
Cheshire West and Chester Council website
Chester Cake
: a 1950s speciality of Griffith's Bakery, Northgate Street
Chester Civic Trust
: website | criticism of 1987 Barbet plan for amphitheatre | February 2000 meeting about amphitheatre | objection to Kaleyards development proposals | supported Old Port office blocks | appeal for preservation of Police HQ Feb 2001 | critical comments about redevelopment of the Royalty Theatre, May 2001 | comments about proposed Northgate redevelopment August 2002 | comments about proposed HBOS canalside development, March 2004
Chester, Cheshire & N.Wales Links I | II
Chester- contemporary images: gallery of
Chester- old views: view of city
1753 | McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 (highly detailed- page includes links to enlarged sections of original)
Chester- old maps: Braun's
1571 (also index of maps and aerial photographs) | Speed's 1610 | Van den Keere's 1610 | Batenham's 1816 | Hemingway's 1836 (but based upon an earlier view of the city as it appeared in 1645)
Chester- aerial photographs: Newtown
1967 | River Dee and city 1969 | Cathedral 1969 | River Dee early 20th c | building of Inner Ring Road 1965
Chesters overseas
: links to other Chesters in the USA and Canada!
Chester Mystery Plays: official website | gallery of images of 1992 cycle by Steve Howe (expanded January 2013)
Chester Philharmonic Orchestra: history of | website of
Chester Royal Infirmary
: see Infirmary
'Chewing Gum Girl'
buried in Overleigh Cemetery | photographs of grave
Cholmondeley, Sir Hugh
. 17th century Chester landowner. Owner of mansions in Northgate Street and near to St. John's Church.
(early Cs in Chester)
Cinemas: a brief history of cinema in Chester | Odeon
, Northgate Street | part II | also here | early cinema in medieval St. Nicolas' Chapel also here | Gaumont Palace, Brook Street | Tatler/Classic, Foregate Street | ABC Regal, Foregate Street | Park, Saltney | Majestic, Brook Street | Other cinemas | Cinema advertisments
Civil War: King Charles I
in Chester during | attack upon North Wall | breach made in wall near Newgate, September, 1645 | Hemingway's map showing defences
(Eastgate) | Chester's oldest public clock at Leadworks- until being (temporarily) stolen!
: built 1619 in today's Roman Garden | cock fights indulged in during race week at the Roodee | cockpit at 18th century Elephant and Castle Inn, Eastgate Street.
(William): pupil of Thomas Harrison, completed Grosvenor Bridge
(Roger) City Recorder 1700 | built Dee House 1730
Commercial, industrial and archaeological photography at the B&W Picture Place
Convents: Ursuline
at Dee House- also here | St. Mary's, site of Police headquarters and new HQ building- also here
- defensive earthwork constructed 16th c to seperate River Dee from Roodee
, an ancient walled town in North Wales. Description of | gallery of photographs of
Cortes Island
(beautiful island off coast of British Columbia, Canada): photographs by author
(Lewys Glyn): 15th century Welsh bard; damning poems about the people of Chester
County Hall inc discussion of controversial sale of to Chester University, Autumn 2009.
Crane Street / New Crane Street: pictures of changes. Also mentioned in Roodee chapters...
Cromwell (Oliver): ordered castles- such as Liverpool- to be demolished...
Cross (High or The Cross): formerly displayed at Roman Garden 1949-75
Croughton (Charles): laid out eastern part of The Groves in 1725
Court (Chester Crown) at Castle | also here | new County courthouse on amphitheatre inc. illustration | opening of: June 2001 inc. illustration | aerial photograph of: 2001 | mysterious appearance of (?) on 1993 map
Cow Lane: old name of Frodsham Street | Cow Lane Bridge- also aerial view of from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | aerial photograph of 1960s | 1960s photograph of
Cullinan (Edward, architect): hotel plan for amphitheatre
Cup (Chester Gold) prize for horse racing on the Roodee
Customs House, Watergate Street- also splendid 17th C pub of same name
Cycling: contra-flow cycle lane in Northgate Street | threatened greenway on former Mickle Trafford-Deeside railway | Chester Cycling Campaign website and egroup | Merseyside Cycling Campaign website | Sustrans website

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Dead Men's Room
in Northgate Gaol
Deanery Field
-also here and here | numerous Roman sculptures and memorials found in city wall at |
(River) chapter I | II | silting of | map of silting | River Dee Company | millers of | snowy photograph of | old photographs of | 19th c. photograph of Mills
Dee House
built 1730 (see also amphitheatre): history of | development proposals for- also here and here | 'artists impression' of- also here | seen through Newgate (drawing) | aerial view of -also here
(Daniel): celebrated author of Robinson Crusoe etc; description of Chester c.1690 | comment about decayed state of cathedral
(Roman: 'The Goddess') Fortress name: future site of Chester
Deva Roman Centre
: unsuccessful plan for amphitheatre by Tony Barbet | Private Eye comments about .
Dive Bar
, Lower Bridge Street: photo of 1960
Domesday Book
: Chester's entry in. See also Norman conquest of Chester
Donors: the good people who've donated to keep this site growing- thank you all!
Douglas (John): Chester architect: restored St. John's Church | designed Eastgate Clock | designed features in Grosvenor Park | rebuilt Shoemaker's Row, Northgate Street | buried at Overleigh Cemetery | gallery of notable burials at
Drink (strong): long enjoyed in Chester
Droop J P; archaeologist, worked with Prof Newstead at amphitheatre

E Top of page
Earl's Eye
(River Dee): photos of in flood
'At Easter the wind is at Chester': proverb 1611
chapter I | II | The Eastgate | photograph of (foggy night)
Eastgate Clock
Eastgate Street: origin of | lost pubs of
(King, 'the peacemaker'): Rowed on the River Dee to St. John's Church by six lesser kings, AD 973
Edgar's Field
Edward Chambré Hardman
(1898-1988): distinguished Liverpool and Chester photographer. Selection of his work here.
English Heritage: website of |
policy on amphitheatre- and here | objections to development on The Groves (Spring 2009)
Environmental Links
pub (now 'Flookersbrook'), Hoole Road: changing face of
, Northgate Street. Forerunner of Town Hall

F Top of page
Farrall (Andrew): Head of Planning, Chester City Council: comments about amphitheatre | in favour of retaining and developing Dee House | comments about Amphitheatre Trust banner | in favour of London & Amsterdam Northgate development | in favour of CDTS 'guided busway'....
(Celia): description of Chester, 1698
(Peter de): former city council Conservation Officer. Less-than-fondly remembered locally for such as the roof added to the medieval Thimbleby's Tower, the bollards around the city centre and the flagpoles in Market Square. Connection with development on amphitheatre.
Fireman's Square
(off Northgate Street)
Fire Station: (former) Northgate Street
Fishing: Dee Salmon | and here
Flavius (pseudonym: actual name unknown): "Going Round in Circles: a Tale of Arrogance, Avarice and Hypocrisy at Chester's Roman Amphitheatre"
Football: predates horse racing at the Roodee (eventually banned) | Chester City FC Links: Singing the Blues | Unofficial Guide | Official Club Site | Chester City & Conference Links.
Foregate Street: origins of | vanished pubs of
Fountains Roundabout
, 1960s: end of Northgate Street
Fox-Talbot (Henry): inventor of the negative-positive process: photograph of old Exchange, Northgate Street, 1840s
Frodsham Street: origin of- also here inc Greenwood development proposals
| 1960s photograph of | vanished pubs of

G Top of page
Gaols: see Prisons
(Roman): see Roman Garden
Gates: Peppergate
(also known as Newgate or Wolfgate) | modern Newgate | Northgate | Eastgate | Watergate | Bridgegate | St. Martin's Gate | Kaleyard Gate | Shipgate | Cowgate (vanished): near Cow Lane Bridge | West Gate: Roman (vanished) site of Holy Trinity Church and South Gate: Roman (vanished) near St.Michael's Church | Swine Sty Postern (vanished) formerly in Kaleyards
(Henry): Founding father of Chester Races: 'Gee-Gees'
Genealogy Links
George Street:
old views of | lost pubs of
Cavalier's Lady at Blue Bell Inn | "chill presence" in Pied Bull cellar | Red Lion (all three in Northgate Street) | at George & Dragon | Old lady at Dee House | Old lady and overalled worker at Chester Leadworks | at H. Samuel's Jewellers, corner of Frodsham Street and Foregate Street, site of the ancient Bear's Paw Inn | at Barlows pub in Bridge Street (closed March 2001) | at the curiously-misspelled Marlbororough Arms in St. John Street | 'evil presence' and figure in brown in former police cells beneath Town Hall | Jack the fireman at the old fire station (now Chez Jules french restaurant) in Northgate Street.
Giraldus Cambrensis
('Gerald of Wales'); description of Chester 1189
Gladiators | illustrations of
'Glass Slug'- exceedingly ugly new council offices proposed for the city in 2004 but never built.
Gloverstone outside Chester Castle (plus photograph)
Greenwood (Charles: City Engineer and Surveyor): designed the second Queen's Park Suspension Bridge 1923 | Greenwood Development Plan (1944): proposals for Inner Ring Road | The Groves & Grosvenor Park | the amphitheatre (inc splendid drawing) | Goblin Tower (also known as Dille's Tower or Pemberton's Parlour)
, Arthur. Engravings and watercolours of Old Dee Bridge and River Dee | of Chester Cathedral
Gorse Stacks:
'Millennium Wall' proposals for 1995 - also here
Great Eastern
(passenger ship, launched 1858): length of marked in city wall
religious community | let out church to sailors 1529
Grosvenor Bridge
chapter | view of from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | watercolour of, 1869 | building of
Grosvenor Hotel: origins of & political events at
Grosvenor Motor Company Ltd
: large showroom opened in Lower Bridge Street in 1962 on the site of Rotten Row: paintings and photographs
Grosvenor Park

Grosvenor Precinct | photo of
building of, 1965
Grosvenor Road / Grosvenor Street | vanished pubs of
Grosvenor Place: photograph of
c. 1963
(The): history and old photographs of | old photogtraph of | 1950s traffic on | photograph of ('foggy Sunday') | controversial development proposals for
see Holy Trinity Church
(John, former Conservative Environment Minister ): criticism of McLean's court development on amphitheatre (Construction News, May 2000)- also here and here (Estates Gazette May 2000)

H Top of page
(Edmond) of comet fame; description of Chester- and of a rare triple rainbow around the sun seen from the Phoenix Tower, 1697 | in charge of Mint at Chester Castle
(Lady): mistress of Lord Nelson
Handbridge: burnings of | vanished pubs of
composer: stayed at Golden Falcon Inn, Northgate Street in 1741. Rehersed Messiah at Cathedral
Handel's Court Gallery: a showcase for fine artists and craftsmen from Chester, Cheshire and North Wales. The author's studio is based here.
Hanging, Drawing and Quartering
Harbour Wall (Roman) at the Roodee
Harbours: auxilliary, of Chester
Hartley (Jesse): celebrated engineer responsible for the magnificent masonry in Liverpool Docks: surveyor and clerk of works for building of Grosvenor Bridge
Harrison (James): architect: rebuilt Holy Trinity Church | enlarged Chapel of St. Nicolas 1854 | restored St. Olave's Church 1858-9
Harrison (Thomas- no relation to above) 1744-1829. prolific Chester architect, inc Watergate House | Grosvenor Bridge | Northgate | Chester Castle | faults at | restored St.Mary-on-the-Hill 1861-2 (Also here) | Northgate | lived at Folliot House, Northgate Street and later St. Martin's Lodge opposite Castle | built the first grandstand on the Roodee 1819
Hastings (Henry): description of Chester, c1620
Hawthorne (Nathaniel), author and US consul in Liverpool, visited Chester in 1853
(John): pioneering 18th c physician at Chester Royal Infirmary
(Joseph): 19th century Chester guide and author: comments about Civil War siege | map of defences from his Panorama of the City of Chester (1836) | Water Tower Gardens (Tower Field) | Lower Lane | Shipping, Cheshire cheese & House of Industry | Chester Races | Grosvenor Bridge | Dee salmon fishery | mistaken view about city walls | description of view from Phoenix Tower | fire prevention, Northgate Street | quality of medical care at the Infirmary | lengthy description of the Rows
Henry James (1843-1916), US novelist. Quotes about Chester
History & Archaeology Links
Holy Trinity Church, Watergate Street (inc picture) | during Inner Ring Road construction | view of (1753) | site of Roman West Gate
Hoole: a Virtual Stroll Around Hoole | Hoole business directory | vanished pubs of
Hoole Lane Locks:
photograph of
Hoole Alexandra Park: photograph of | poor quality improvements to
Hoole Online
(website launched August 2001- not, sadly, updated much since...)
'Hoole Heroes'
: 2001 photographs of popular locals
'Hop Pole Paddock'-
plan for park at Kaleyards
or Capelgate- long-vanished small postern next to the Bridgegate
Horse racing
at the Roodee (oldest racecourse in Britain): brief history | origins of Chester Races | official website
: Chester Royal Infirmary- also here | Countess of Chester: website | a comprehensive- and excellent- history of Chester's hospitals
Hotels: Mill- website of | old photographs of - and here | support for amphitheatre excavation | Grosvenor: origins of |
Howard (John): founder of Howard League for Penal Reform: criticised conditions in Chester 1783 | comments about Northgate Gaol
Hugh of Avranches
- know as Lupus (the wolf): first Norman earl of Chester
Hughes (Thomas): Chester guide and author, inc. Stranger's Handbook to Chester (1856): brief biography of | comments about railway | Infirmary excavations | Overleigh Cemetery | St.John's Church- also bells and West Tower of same | decayed state of cathedral | The Deanery Field ("The Green on the Walls") | strong drink in Chester (antiquity of) | Northgate gaol | photographs of grave in Overleigh Cemetery
Hughes (Thomas, QC): Chester resident and judge, author of Tom Brown's Schooldays: brief biography of
Hussey (R. C.): architect, restored St. John's Church 1860-66 and Cathedral

I Top of page
(The): critique of a free supplement, The Top 50 Places to go in Chester, published in March 2001
(Chester Royal) chapter | Also here | photo of during Inner Ring Road construction c1964/5 (see next entry) | gallery of old photographs of
Inner Ring Road: building of (photographs) | also here | building of | building of: aerial views
Inns and brewers
Insall (Donald): architect.Comments about amphitheatre (from Conservation in Chester) | Insall and Associates commissioned to produce amphitheatre conservation plan, March 2001- also brief biography of | report on Abbey Green
Internet & Macintosh Links
Irvine (Lord Chancellor): connection with amphitheatre courthouse scandal (John Gummer: Estates Gazette May 2000)- also here | amusing quip about by Ronnie Corbett...

J Top of page
Jacobite Rebellion:
prisoners of at Chester Castle
(Henry 1843-1916): description of Chester from his 1903 novel The Ambassadors | comment about cathedral choir stalls
Javelin Men
: Chester's forgotten 'Beefeaters' who guarded the Judge's coach en route to the Assizes (inc photograph) | Also photographs here
(Mary): mother of 33 children: buried in Overleigh Cemetery
Jousting Croft on modern Kaleyards
Judge's Chair:
relic of 18th century racing at the Roodee
Jubilee Tower
(By Thomas Harrison: on top of Moel Fammau)

K Top of page
Kaleyard Gate chapter I | II | history of | Sir William Brereton:
reference to
Kaleyard Steps: photograph of
(foggy night)
Kaleyards: view of
from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | features of- also here | Ethel Austin development proposals for
(C.M): US visitor; description of Chester, 1848
(Daniel): author of the Vale Royal of England (1651): description of Chester Castle from | description of Cheshire people (1656)
King Charles' Tower (also known as Newton or Phoenix Tower )
King's Arm's Kitchen ('The Honorable Incorporation of the'): remarkable public house at the Eastgate- main article about here
King's Buildings (1776)- inc photograph
King Street: old and new | photograph by author
Kingsley (Charles): author of The Water Babies and Alton Locke, from where comes his famous poem The Sands of Dee (included here), became a Canon of Chester Cathedral in 1869.
King Street: formerly known as Barn Lane- also here | fate of in Greenwood Plan inc photograph of changed course of due to Inner Ring Road construction |
Photograph of | King Street yesterday and today photographs

L Top of page
Lamb Row: picturesque 17th century buildings in Bridge Street: gallery of
Lamb Stores (Brooksbank's): pictures of
Langtrey (Edward): tragic husband of the 'Jersey Lily': buried at Overleigh Cemetery 1897 | photographs of his grave
(Stephen), Chairman of the Chester Civic Trust: comments about amphitheatre | enthusiasm for hotel at same
(Graham): description of Chester from his Life of Dickens (1939)
near canal, inc photographs of rare 18th century Shot Tower. Also view from top of Shot Tower immediately before redevelopment: Jan 2003 | A Leadworks puzzle: the grave of 'Mad Jack' Mytton's horse. | Gallery of Leadworks photographs
Leather: GoodHiding
fine leather goods handmade in Chester
Saxon name for Chester | and here
(John): description of Cheshire folk, 1540
Lewis Carroll
and others: references to the Cheshire Cat
Town Hall Square- planned redevelopment of
Linen Hall
- inc 1896 map of site. Formely stood at the end of Stanley Place. Area now used for racehorse stabling.
Links: Chester, Cheshire & North Wales I | II | History & Archaeology | Photography | Internet & Macintosh | Environmental | Genealogy | Miscellaneous
Little Abbey Gateway: see Abbey Gateway
Little St. John Street
near amphitheatre
Liverpool: contemporary images | pictures of old Liverpool | Liverpool Links
Liverpool Arms
, Northgate Street
, Prince of Wales
(Thomas): Chester architect: buried in Overleigh Cemetery
Lockwood (Philip): architect of what is now Chester Library as a coachbuilders and motor showroom, 1913.
London & Amsterdam Developments:
2001development proposals for Town Hall area
Lorimer's Row
, Northgate Street
Louise Rayner
: 19th century watercolour artist who produced numerous much-loved images of Chester.
: 12th century monk of Chester Abbey. Author of first guidebook to the city, 'De Laude Cestrie'.

M Top of page
(Keith, archaeologist): website | comments about 2000 amphitheatre dig |
: opened close to Cathedral and Town Hall (satirical photograph here) | McSpotlight website (excellent)
Macintosh & Internet Links
(Chester Virtual Stroll route map)
Maps: Braun's
1571 (also index of maps and aerial photographs) | Hollar's 1656 (detail of: amphitheatre site) | Speed's 1610 | Van den Keere's 1610 | Batenham's 1816 | Hemingway's 1836 (but based upon an earlier view of the city as it appeared in 1645)
Maps revealing the locations of some of Chester's vanished inns (links at bottom of page).
Malmesbury (William of): Description of Chester 1125
Market Hall: changing face of | 1960s photographs of interior | photo of parade outside, 1930s
Market Square
(see also Town Hall Square): real marketplace for centuries | features of inc Louise Raynor illustration | 19th century photograph of | 1990s photograph of
(George): burned at Boughton for preaching the 'heretical' doctrine of Martin Luther, 1555
(Saint M's Gate) chapter
Mason (David, Dr): archaeologist and author (inc Roman Chester, City of the Eagles 2001): comments about amphitheatre development | part of Insall and Associates, commissioned to produce amphitheatre conservation plan, March 2001 | Grosvenor Precinct bath house
Mason's marks on city walls
Mc Gahey (John): View of Chester from a Balloon 1855. Enlargements from same: Old Port | Kaleyards | Grosvenor Bridge | St.John's Church | Cathedral | Northgate
McLean (David, Developments Ltd): acquisition of land adjoining amphitheatre | plan of same | 'secret' talks over plans to build hotel at amphitheatre
Meadows (The): view of from White House Cafe | photos in flood | development proposals for | photographs of by Steve Howe
Melville (Herman): author of Moby Dick, etc; brief anecdote about Chester, 1856
Mercia Square
: poor quality of development at | further discussion inc adjoining Kaleyards area here | photographs of 1960s precinct
Mickle Trafford-Deeside railway: 'a virtual stroll along'
(lengthy illustrated guided walk showing changes since Sustrans cycleway was constructed and outlining objections to busway)
Midsummer Shows
on the Roodee
Militia Buildings
formerly on site of Police HQ | Picture of | more pictures of here
Millennium Wall:
1995 proposals for Gorse Stacks/ Cattle Market area
'Millers of Dee'
(Annie Jane): grandmother of John Lennon: born at the Bear & Billet pub, Lower Bridge Street, in 1873
Minerva (Roman Goddess): in situ shrine in Edgar's Field, Handbidge
Mint at Chester Castle | "Seven mint masters in the city In the time of King Edward"- Domesday Book
Miscellaneous Links
Moel Fammau, Moel Fenlli and Moel y Gaer (Welsh hills near Chester)
(Geoffrey of): medieval chronicler of King Arthur etc- references to 'Caerleon'
Morgan's Mount
Morton (H.V): long description of Chester from his In Search of England (1924) | the Wishing Steps from same
Moses Griffith
(1747-1819): consummate watercolourist: paintings of Chester Castle | Old Dee Bridge | Northgate | Jubilee Tower | website about
: tax for maintainance of city walls
Mystery Plays: official website |
gallery of images of 1992 cycle by Steve Howe (updated January 2013)
Mytton: 'Mad Jack': sportsman and eccentric, brief biography- and a mystery about a racehorse's grave in Chester...
Musicians: fine photography for musicians and artistes

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Naked Round the Walls!
A hilarious true story by by Simon Catterall
, Roman Goddess of amphitheatres and of retribution: shrine (nemesium) at amphitheatre
New Crane Street: photos of
Newgate chapter | Newgate Street and Row
| modern Newgate inc illustration
Newstead (Professor Robert): entomologist and archaeologist; Infirmary excavations | amphitheatre | photograph of grave in Overleigh Cemetery
Nine Houses
, Park Street
Norman conquest
of Chester: city's entry in Domesday Book
Northgate Street chapter I | II | III | view of
from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | seen from canal | vanished pubs of
Northgate Locks: photograph of
Northgate redevelopment proposals chapter I | II |
Chester City Council website about | developer's (London & Amsterdam) website about |
North Wall chapter |
extensive Roman masonry in | numerous Roman sculptures and memorials found in at Deanery Field and Morgan's Mount
(Graham. Entertainer): anecdote about Chester from BBC Radio 4's Just a Minute, 7/2/2000
'Nowhere', cottage near Grosvenor Bridge | watercolour of by Arthur Godwin
Nuns of St. Mary's also here | 'Nun's Field' | photo of 1965

O Top of page
Odeon Cinema
, Northgate Street | History of plus photographs
Old Coach Row
('Rotten Row'), formerly in Lower Bridge Street inc painting of by Louise Raynor
Old Dee Bridge chapter I | II |
19th c. photograph of (and Mills) | 19th c. etchings and watercolours of by A. Godwin | 1938 railway poster of by Leonard Squirrel
Olde Lamb
vanished pub in Bridge Street
Old Lamb Row: gallery of pictures
Old Port chapter I | II |
from Watertower | view of from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | photo of (New Crane St) 1965
Overleigh Cemetery: history of / interesting burials | gallery of photographs | Chester City Council's Tales of Overleigh Cemetery | The Overleigh Cemetery Database Online
Orchestra: Chester Philharmonic
: a brief history of | website of
Owen ap Gruffydd

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Parks: Grosvenor | Alexandra
Park Street
Past Forward:
York-based company specialising in presentation, interpretation and marketing of heritage sites. £10,000 'tourism study', jointly funded by the City Council and Chester Amphitheatre Trust, commissioned May 2001- also here
Pemberton's Parlour
also known as Dille's Tower or Goblin Tower.
Pennant (Thomas): long description of Chester, 1773 | demolition of medieval Eastgate | description of Old Dee Bridge 1778
(Thomas Wainwaring): architect of Overleigh Cemetery, 1848-50
People: gallery of photographs
(also known as Newgate or Wolfgate) | legend about ('shutting the Peppergate')
Pepper Street: photos of
before and after the Ring Road
(Dennis): archaeologist and curator of the Grosvenor Museum: NW Corner Tower | Grosvenor Precinct |
Peter de Leia
(Bishop of Lichfield): transferred See from Litchfield to Chester 1069
(Nikolas): architectural critic and author: comments about Chester Castle | Bluecoat School | County Hall | Fountains Roundabout
Phoenix Tower
(also known as Newton or King Charles' Tower) chapter | role in Civil War | watercolour of by J. Gresty, 1885
Photographic restoration
at the B&W Picture Place
Pied Bull
, Northgate Street
Police: HQ
building near Roodee | history of Cheshire Police on thieir own website
(early history of the world written at Chester Abbey, inc description of Chester in 1342)
Portrait photography
at the Black & White Picture Place
, North Wales: Roman bath house
(John, Labour City Councillor/Chester City Council Leader): changing mind of re demolition of Dee House: in favour (Nov 1998) against (July 2000) | criticism of this website for writing about amphitheatre | criticism of by Cllr Michael Poole | criticism of county council refusal to fund CDTS busway: Sept 2002. Also photograph of | Grossly offensive criticism of character and work of Saltney councillor Klaus Armstrong Braun: Chester Evening Leader 14/11/02 also responses to same.
at Northgate | at the Castle (& early 20th c photo from the air) | photograph of from the river | on City Walls Road (inc picture)- also here
(Sue. Lib Dem county councillor) criticism of county council decision to refuse funding for CDTS busway, Sept 2002.
: vanished Chester pubs chapters I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | gallery of photographs | maps showing vanished pubs
Pubs in Northgate Street | also here | Huxley's Vaults and the King's Arm's Kitchen ('The Honorable Incorporation of the'): remarkable public house at the Eastgate- main article about here | strong drink long enjoyed in Chester | changing face of the Ermine Inn (now 'The Flookersbrook') | Maps revealing the locations of some of Chester's many vanished inns (links at bottom of page).
The Living Pubs of Chester

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(George): description of Chester, 1737
Queen's Park Suspension Bridge-
plus 1920s photo of | 1960s photograph of | history and old photo of | snowy photograph of
Queen Victoria
: opens Grosvenor Bridge as 13 year-old princess in 1832 | organ used at her coronation in St.John's Church
Queen's School, City Walls Road
Quincey (Thomas de): the 'English Opium Eater'; description of Chester from his Confessions (1821) | wanderings near the River Dee | mother's house at St.John's Church

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(Chester horse races): See Horse Racing
(Mickle Trafford-Deeside, now excellent cycleway but threatened by CDTS busway scheme) | early Chester railways | from Bonewaldesthorne's Tower
Randle Holme III (1627-1699): moving description of state of Chester due after Civil War siege 1645 | siege damage in Watergate Street | carved Phoenix for Painter's Guild on Phoenix Tower 1658 plus brief biography | anagram of name in his great work of heraldry, The Academy of the Armoury, 1688 | drawing of medieval Northgate | drawing of Old Dee Bridge
Ranulf Higden: monk of Chester Abbey and author of the Polychronicon: description of Chester 1342
Ravens: nest annually on the Town Hall and Cathedral
Rayner (Louise): 19th century watercolour artist who produced numerous much-loved images of Chester.
Recorder's Steps on The Groves
Richard the Engineer: master mason of Chester Castle and, among much else, the builder of Flint Castle and St. Werburgh Abbey's choir.
Red Lion (now Scruffy Murphy's), Northgate Street
Ring Road: see Inner Ring Road
River Dee chapter I | II See also Dee
Robert de Limesey
(Bishop): transferred See from Chester (St.John's) to Coventry 1082
'Roman Garden' chapter | origins and history | restoration of |
compared with amphitheatre
Roman soldiers Photographs of
Roodee chapter
I | II | history of and origin of name | view of (1753) | Little (near Grosvenor Bridge)
(The) chapter: extensive illustrated description of by Joseph Hemingway (1836) | brief description of | Rotten Row in Lower Bridge Street: paintings and photographs.
Rowton Moor
(Battle of: Sept 24th 1645)- see also 'Blue Bell ghost'
Royal Infirmary: see Infirmary
Royalty Theatre
memories of
(Theatre) Royal, 1773: St.Nicolas' Chapel, opposite Cathedral)
Rudd (Sandra, city councillor): incoherent comments about amphitheatre
Rufus Court, off Northgate Street
Ruin The; early Saxon poem about abandoned Roman towns
(Christine, MP for City of Chester): role in amphitheatre development | anagrams of name

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Sailor's Home, Liverpool
: history inc many photographs and drawings of
: see fishing
Sands of Dee
: famous poem by Charles Kingsley, Canon of Chester Cathedral and author of 'The Water Babies'.
(Rev S. Cooper): rector and historian of St.John's Church- saw West Tower collapse 1881 | effects of siege 1645
(Sir George and Sir Giles Gilbert): restorers of Chester Cathedral | Sir Giles architect of Liverpool Cathedral
Siege of Chester 1645
: attack at Roman Garden | use of St.John's Church | strengthening of North Wall and attack upon | role of Northgate
(grafitti at amphitheatre) | occasional satirical contributor to this website eg Chester anagrams
Shipgate | Shipgate 2 | photo of in situ | Shipgate re-erected in Grosvenor Park
Shipgate Street: vanished pubs of
Ship Inn, Handbridge
Shoemaker's Row, Northgate Street inc painting by William Callow
Shot Tower: built 1799, at Chester Leadworks
Shows (Midsummer) on the Roodee
(Bridge of) chapter I | II- also here | 'Under the Bridge of Sighs': photograph
(Frank): Chester historian: comments on Lady Barrow's Hey | site of Roman Garden | removal of medieval Eastgate
Skelly Horse
- horse's skeleton mounted on a wall in Princess Street, considered good luck for punters at the Roodee...
(George): description of Chester, 1729
Skinner's Lane
Smallest shop in Chester
- possibly in the country- tucked beneath the Eastgate.
(William): long description of Chester, 1575
Snow: Chester in the Snow, January 2010
Somali Club
, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool: photo of | and here
Souter's Lane
near amphitheatre
(John): cartographer and historian; description of Chester c1610 | map of Chester | comment about Richard II
(grey)- first introduction to Grosvenor Park
St. Bridget's Church |
also here | and here | view of from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | drawing of | featured in pictures of Old Lamb Row
St. John the Baptist Church chapter I | II | view of
from McGahey's View of Chester from a Balloon 1855 | old photo of from river | ditto here | oak coffin in ruins | Thomas De Quincey at | seen from Phoenix Tower mid-19th century | aerial photograph of (with amphitheatre) 2001
St. John the Baptist
(hospital and chapel of): outside the Northgate
St. John's House
(formerly stood on part of amphitheatre) | foundations uncovered 2001| old photographs of in amphitheatre gallery
St. Martin's Church
stood for centuries at St. Martin's Ash, Nicolas Street before being demolished for Inner Ring Road in 1960s. Rare photograph of
St. Martin's Gate
chapter | St. Martin's Gate
St. Martin's Lodge: home of architect Thomas Harrison
St. Mary's: community of nuns on the present site of Cheshire Police HQ | Also references here and here
St. Mary de Castro (Chapel of) at Castle
St.Mary-Within-the-Walls ('de Castro', 12th C, also 19th C St. Mary Without-the-Walls)
St. Nicolas (Chapel of) near cathedral
St. Olave's Church, (11th century) Lower Bridge Street.
St. Thomas á Becket: rare depiction of murder of on ceiling boss in Cathedral Lady Chapel | church dedicated to formerly on site of George & Dragon pub- rebuilt in 19th c. across the road, where still stands
Stables: at old Linen Hall (still used today but due for demolition)
, Earls of Derby & Stanley Palace
Stanley Place
(G.H): description of Chester, 1818
Steven Street, Boughton: site of the Boughton Gold Rush 1927.
Strickland (Tim): former city archaeologist, now employed by commercial consultants Gifford's: comments about amphitheatre excavation costs
Sustrans: cycling charity. Builders of the National Cycle Network. Website. Chester's stretch runs along the disused Mickle Trafford-Deeside railway, for years the source of heated controversy regarding a council/business sector plan to build a 'guided busway' along it.
Swift (Jonathan): churchman, satirist and author inc Gulliver's Travels and these amusing but critical ditties about Chester and its people.

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Taylor (Joseph): description of Chester, 1705
(Thomas): great railway, bridge and canal builder: assisted in siting of Grosvenor Bridge
(Roman): possibly stood on present site of Cathedral | possible inscription from discovered at Boughton: Oct 2002
Royalty, City Road | Theatre Royal, 1773: St. Nicolas' Chapel
Thomas Hughes: author and Chester guide: see Hughes
Thoresby (Ralph): description of Chester 1682
Telford's Warehouse: website
Titanic: postcard of, article about and links
Tobacco and snuff mills (near River Dee): photo of
Tolls: at Watergate | old tollhouse near the Northgate
Towers: NW Corner Tower | SE Corner Tower | Thimbleby's or Wolf | Bonewaldesthorne's | Phoenix (also known as the Newton or King Charles) | Drum and Sadler's- also here | Goblin, Dille's or Pemberton's Parlour | Watertower | Addleshore (Cathedral belltower) | Agricola's (at Castle) | John Tyrer's (water tower at Bridgegate) | demolished watchtower above The Groves | 'Harre' (above medieval Eastgate) | formerly more towers
Tower Wharf chapter | photograph of in blizzard
Town Hall: history of | photograph of | Louise Rayner watercolour of
Town Hall Square (or Market Square): real marketplace for centuries | features of inc Louise Raynor illustration | planned redevelopment of area around- also here | 19th century photograph of
Trubshaw's ('of Staffordshire'): builders of Grosvenor Bridge
Tucker (Norman): Chester author; quote from his novel Master of the Field (Brian Beveridge, Chester 1949) - also here
Turner (Joseph): architect of Watergate, Bridgegate, 'Pill-Box Terrace', Nicolas Street and the Bridge of Sighs, Northgate Street. | Photograph of his impressive grave in Overleigh Cemetery.

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Underground passages etc: "subterranean constructions, watercourses, vaulted with passages" (Giraldus Cambrensis) | "hathe under the erthe voltes to be meruailede thro the werke of ston, and other grete stones conteynenge the names and pryntes of Julius Cesar, and of other nowble men" (Ranulph Higden)

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Vernon (Councillor): comments on amphitheatre consultation / forgetfullness about same
(Roman architect: authority on fortifications)
Via Principalis: main street of Roman fortress- m,c vbnm,/§ 1qrt678= modern Eastgate and Watergate Streets
Volunteer Drill Hall, Albion Street

W Top of page
Walls (City): maintainance of | archers marks in | mason's marks in | North wall chapter | extensive Roman masonry in North Wall | numerous Roman sculptures and memorials found in city wall at Deanery Field and Morgan's Mount | tax for maintainance of (murage) | images of (foggy night) | recent political arguments regarding failure to maintain
Walter de Gherbaud:
(briefly) first Norman Earl of Chester
, The (wall guards)
Watergate and Watergate Street chapter I | II | old pubs of
Watertower chapter | Watertower
or New Tower | shown on McGahey's 1855 View of Chester from a Balloon
Water Tower Gardens
(W. Thompson): author of Roman Cheshire 1889: speculation about location of amphitheatre
Watling Street
: (Roman road) - in relation to fortress
(William): Antiquarian: comments on removal of Greyfriars steeple | walls quote | use of towers | Bridgegate
Wedding photography
at the B&W Picture Place
(Saint) | shrine of - also photo of statue on Catholic Chuch (1873) dedicated to her in Park Street
(Rev John): description of Chester, 1752
White (T. H., author): description of life in Saxon Carlion from his novel, The Once and Future King- also here
White House Cafe (near River Dee, Boughton): handcoloured photo of
White Friars: medieval Carmelite religious community
William of Normandy: conquest of Chester & Castle
Williams (W J 'Walrus' 1875-1971) teacher at Chester's King's School and amateur archaeologist, discovered amphitheatre and Roman civil settlement at Heronbridge, both in 1929

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Yacht Inn
, Watergate Street: demolished for Inner Ring Road (inc photograph) | early picture of
Ypres Cloth Hall, Belgium: model for Chester's Town Hall

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Zoo (Chester: website of)

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