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Bibliography and Further Reading

During the slow process of writing Chester: A Virtual Stroll Around The Walls, many, many books old and new have been studied, the pages of the local press closely scrutinised- interesting cuttings from which are even now piled high in inconvenient places waiting to be catalogued and their contents included somewhere within the text- the internet has been Googled to distraction and uncounted numbers of people have been mercilessly quizzed.

We're frequently asked where many of our outlandish tales come from, so we present a bibliography- a partial list of our sources and inspirations- which hopefully will also serve those who would like to find out more as a list of works for further reading.

Be aware that this, as with the Chester Virtual Stroll itself, is a work is far from complete and free from any logical order...

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Newspapers.... The Chester Chronicle  
The Chester & District Standard  
The Chester Evening Leader  
Online Sources  
British History Online A History of the County of Chester Incredibly comprehensive  
Wikipedia Chester pages  
The Chester Wiki The Chester Wiki Excellent!  
www.cheshirepast.net The Victoria History of Cheshire  

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