The Black & White Picture Place

Old Photographs & Drawings of Liverpool

Building the Cathedral

Building the Cathedral 2

for Cathedral

The Customs House

The Customs House 2

The Customs House 3

The Customs House 4
customs house etching
The Customs House 5

The Pier Head

Queen's Square

Lord Street

Cycling Club: Sefton Park

The Sailor's Home

Speke Airport 1960s

Speke Airport 2

Speke Airport 3
Part 4: Speke Airport today

Titanic Postcard, crew's memorial
and the Lucitania

The Albert Dock

The Bluecoat

Central Station

ustoms House Dockers

Ferry and Pier Head

The First Philharmic Hall

Pier Head Postcard

Before the Liver Birds

Prince's Avenue

Coronation Gardens

George's Dock

Aquitania in the Mersey

Canning Dock

Nova Scotia

The Goree

View from Chimney

Water Street Traffic

Pier Head 1967

rave New City 1970

St. George's Hall

St. George's Place

Unveiling of Victoria Monument

St. John's Gardens

William Brown Street

Bold Street and
St. Luke's Church

St. Peter's Church | part two

Princes' Park

Mersey Tunnel

Lewis's Department Store

David Lewis Hotel

Church Street

Sefton Park
riversid station
Riverside Station
Adelphi Hotel
The Adelphi Hotel
williamson square
Around Williamson Square
More old pictures of Liverpool coming soon!

35 years of Liverpool images
by the author..