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Old Photographs of Liverpool: St. Peter's Church 2 Go to parts 1 and 3

st. peter's in 1880

A fine view of St. Peter's as it was in 1880. Note the blurred images of the passers-by on the right- the exposure was evidently rather a long one. Below we see the same scene a few decades later. The church has gone, replaced by the Woolworth building.

church street

basnet street
St. Peter's Church from Basnet Street. Compare the top of the tower with the view above..

church lane
St. Peter's Churchyard and Church Alley (notice how narrow it was then) from School Lane, 1919

st peters interior
Some views of the church's interior. This one was taken just before it was demolished in 1919.

st peter's interior
Notice all the box pews for the nobs in the upper gallery

st peters interior 2

postcard of st peter's
A postcard of the interior of St. Peter's Church

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