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The Picture Gallery: Photographs of Chester

Foggy Night on the Walls #1 1990

Chester possesses the most complete circuit of Roman & medieval city walls in Britain.

Originally constructed in turf and timber by the Roman Legion II around 79AD, and rebuilt in stone by Legion XX c.100AD, they have since been attacked, damaged, restored and extended by Viking, Welshman, Anglo-Saxon and Norman and last saw military use during the English Civil War in the17th century, when Englishman fought Englishman and Chester eventually fell to Parliamentary forces after a protracted and bloody siege.

During the 18th century, the walls were extensively repaired and adapted to provide a promenade along their entire length, a remarkable undertaking at a time when the majority of other British towns were busy doing away with their ancient defences.
From that time to the present day, a walk around the walls has been considered an essential part of a visit to Chester- we invite you to visit them for yourselves from the comfort of your armchair! -

Chester: A Virtual Stroll Around the Walls  

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