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chester guided walks Apple Macintosh & Internet Links

After well over ten years
, we're still delighted with the range and standard of services offered by our internet service provider- Plus Net

For a free hit counter, stats service and visitor's book plus free internet and site-specific search engines and much, much more, visit Bravenet

A truly invaluable site!- for free tech help with all your computer problems- no matter what platform- provided by a dedicated team of volunteers, you must visit Protonic

All manner of Mac-specific help and advice is available at the MacWorld UK Forums

The one and only, world-famous forum of bad online design: Web Pages That Suck (please let us never be featured here!)

All the wonders of YouTube in a brilliantly organised and acessible form- hours of entertainment are guaranteed at StumbleVideo

How did the internet look and work when it was new? Tons of fascinating information at The Internet Archive

A collection of truly magnificent desktop pictures for Mac and PC may be found at Blue Sky Heart- you've never seen anything like these!

Easy, browser-based access to thousands of newsgroups at Google Groups.

Watch movies online! A bewildering array of entertainment in a wide range of categories- free and legal- Free Movies Cinema

If you're a fan of old music on 78s, this site is a must for you- thousands of classic tracks for free download- My Collection Of 78 rpm Records.

Watch UK TV online! Free and legal- TV Catchup

Looking for a computer with class? One that's great to look at, easy to set up and operate, immune from viruses and rarely goes wrong? One that doesn't run Windows??? (although it will if you really want it to)- you need a Mac!

For unrivalled news, reviews and commentary about all things Apple- and more than a few insights into the world of Windows too!- visit Mac Daily News.

Our favourite Mac software download sites, updated every day- MacUpdate and VersionTracker.

tamagotchi-macA comprehensive source of Freeware and Shareware for Mac and PC: Download.com

Apple's own page of recommended freeware and shareware- OS X Downloads.

Whether expert or novice, there's always something to learn at Mac Tips and Tricks

Don't take our word for it- go and see for yourself! Apple UK's homepage and Apple's main site

Photography Links Top of page

Steve Howe's photographs of People, views of Chester, Liverpool and a collection of miscellaneous images.

A growing collection of old photographs and drawings of Chester and Liverpool

A huge archive of outstanding images from the 'golden age' of Merseyside photography from the studios of Elsam, Mann & Cooper, Pagan Smith and others, run by Mike Meadows and Carol Sharpe: formerly Oxton Studios, but now renamed the Reflections Photo Archive. Brilliant stuff here- one of our favourite sites.

We've occasionally been know to be critical of poorly built and maintained local websites, but not this one: you'll definitely enjoy your visit to the galleries of the Chester Photographic Society.

Mason Resnick's excellent Black & White World

The world's oldest photography magazine- established in 1854- The British Journal of Photography

If you can't get to Bradford, Yorkshire to visit the recently-revamped National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, visit their superb website instead!

Robert Leggat's comprehensive History of Photography

A photographic portrait of Britain as she was: the world-famous Francis Frith Collection

Fantastic photographs of British comics and comedians by our friend Andy Hollingworth at the Comedy Online website. Brilliant.

Environmental Links Top of page

The Centre for Alternative Technology in beautiful Machynlleth, Wales

The excellent Friends of the Earth site. Check out Factory Watch- enter your postcode to receive full details of your local polluters- prepare for a shock!

Of interest to UK cyclists and walkers: The Sustrans Home Page and the excellent website of the Chester Cycling Campaign: news of Chester's slowly improving cycling scene, a bewildering array of worldwide cycling links and much more...

Dying for a Big Mac? (not the computer, the dead cow-in-a-bun variety) The enormous and illuminating McSpotlight site may make you think again!

Confused about GM foods? Here's some sites to open your eyes: Which? Online, New Scientist, The Institute of Food Science & Technology and Genetix Food Alert

Welcome to the Country Landowners Association's website

The UK Department of the Environment and Transport: The DETR website

Amnesty International

Miscellaneous Links (updated December 2008) Top of page

Simply one of the most beautiful and entertaining websites we've seen: Orisinal. Comprising a collection of simply perfect little games accompanied by charming music, Orisinal is much more- don't miss this one!

Truly strange behaviour from all over the world: News of the Weird!

Talking of weird, here's a website devoted to recording the strange and wonderful ways people have contrived to meet their maker: "Honoring those who improve the species...by accidentally removing themselves from it!"- the Darwin Awards

Hoping to eventually include the text of every book ever printed! - and there's thousands here already- Project Gutenberg

Ditto this site: The World Wide Web Virtual Library Who said computers killed reading?

Great books online and much more- dictionaries, thesauri, searchable collections of quotations etc: all at Bartleby.com

Multimap is a great place if you need a map of Chester, or anywhere else in the UK- as too is Streetmap

In-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics- a brilliant daily read- Wired

More publications we read often: Private Eye, Viz, National Geographic and, of course, The Beano!

Two great UK newspapers: The Guardian and The Independent

Comprehensive reference sources: Martindale's 'The Reference Desk' and, of course, the magnificent Wikipedia

Don't forget Auntie! Tune in to the vast and excellent website of the BBC (Includes access to their excellent iPlayer...)

Last resting places of the (formerly) rich 'n' famous: Find-a-Grave!

Explode the myths at Phil Plait's engrossing Bad Astronomy website

For those interested in the tragedy of the Titanic, here is the comprehensive Encyclopedia Titanica and (on our own site) a look at an evocative Titanic postcard...

Finally, here's a history of the universe and of our plane
, descriptions of angels and other cosmic personalities, life-after-death, a restatement of the life of Jesus of Nazareth- and much, much more. We've been students of the astonishing Urantia Book for years, and now you too can read the Epochal Revelation for free!

urantia symbol
Life, the Universe and Everything- Read the Urantia Book online

britannia award

If you happen to come across any dead links here, we'd appreciate knowing about it! We try to add new material regularly, so keep looking in. Your contributions and constructive criticism are most welcome!

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