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Photographs of Liverpool

Anglican Cathedral from Coburg Dock 1983

Another view of the massive bulk of Liverpool Anglican Cathedral rising over the south docks.

When this photograph was taken, Coburg Dock still housed a variety of small industries including scrap metal dealers and boat repairers, as well as large numbers of small craft being stored or renovated. The area has since undergone great changes, now housing a smart marina and yacht club, while new homes and the vast National VAT Centre have risen just to the north of it.
In the midst of change, the great Victorian warehouses in Parliament Street and the Coburg public house remain.

Below, we see the the Coburg Dock viewed from the north in June 2004 showing some of the new housing and offices that have arisen around it.

Coburg Dock 2004

"This quondam village, which is now fit to be a proud capital of any empire in the world." Lord Erskine 1791

"There is a fierce struggle here in all the streets; the men are bigger and solider than our people and with a certain fixedness and determinedness in each person's air that discriminates them from the sauntering gait and roving eyes of Americans." Emerson 1847

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