A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway

countess wayHere, in Spring 1997, we look down upon the recently-constructed Countess Way, which connects Parkgate Road with the extensive retail developments around the Greyhound Park on Sealand Road.

The green space on the left, between the college and the road, has been assigned as a small nature reserve, although much of one side of it has since disappeared under a new car parking area.

The bridge you see ahead- actually an aqueduct- was constructed when Countess Way was driven through to carry the Shropshire Union Canal across the new road- it is a curious sight to see narrow boats passing high above the speeding traffic...

The bridge upon which we now stand was also built around the same time, carrying, until recently, nothing but a derelict former railway line...

Below we see a view of Countess Way and the cycleway bridge from the aqueduct taken five years later, in June 2002.

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