A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway

victoria road bridgeThe line now enters a cutting
and passes under the two bridges we see here, which carry busy Victoria Road and Liverpool Road.

Despite its proximity to people and traffic, I saw a fox calmly trotting along the line here.
This photograph was taken in August 1997.

The area continues to appear in generally good condition, with little evidence of vandalism or tipping, and contains some fine trees and many varieties of plants and flowers. The weathered sandstone walls of the cutting are also very attractive. This stretch is also very peaceful, despite its closeness to the busy roads above.

And here is the furthermost of the above two bridges passing above the newly-created SUSTRANS footpath and cycletrack, three years later in July 2000.

Apart from the laying of the new surface, little appears to have changed in the area and the peaceful atmosphere thankfully continues and is much appreciated by Chester's traffic-besieged citizens.

And this despite the completion of a large new housing estate, Duke's Manor, on the nearby Liverpool Road above.

Below is the same area, photographed on a fine Sunday afternoon in June 2002.

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