A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway

Soon after moving on from the canal
, we enter the deep shadows of this charming section of the former Mickle Trafford railway. Westbourne Road is to our left and beyond the lush trees on the right are the grounds surrounding Blacon Crematorium and Cemetery.

The photograph was taken on a lovely afternoon sometime during the Summer of 1998, showing how the area looked before the construction of the SUSTRANS cycletrack and footpath.

This stretch is particularly rural in aspect, with rich undergrowth containing many species of plants and flowers, some of which seem to have colonised the line having escaped from nearby gardens. A fine spot for a stroll or bike ride!

We feel that exceptionally pleasant areas such as this should be protected as much as possible from overdevelopment. Indeed, it is remarkable that they continue to exist at all in the midst of Chester's expanding cycle and pedestrian-hostile urban sprawl.

The imposition of the tons of concrete, security fencing and lighting necessary to complete the unwanted and massively-expensive busway scheme would effectively destroy all traces of the peaceful environment that currently exists and which could easily become one of Chester's most valued recreational- and economic- assets.

Should you still have your doubts, we recommend you go here to compare this photograph with a few 'artist's impressions' of how the completed busway will look should our politicians and planners be foolish enough to give it the go ahead... definitely not a pretty sight!

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