A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway

blacon cemetery
Bright afternoon sunshine
and rich autumn colours adorn the trees bordering Blacon Cemetery, which is divided from the course of the old Mickle Trafford railway by only a low fence.

The photograph was taken in September 1997, but the view has remained largely unaltered since the opening of the SUSTRANS cycletrack in June 2000.

Westbourne Road and Saughall Road continue to run parallel with the other side.

Pedestrian access here would be simple to arrange, would be of great convenience to visitors to the cemetery and would in turn give safe access to the homes and schools around Blacon Avenue on one side and Saughall Road on the other.

"Just taken the virtual stroll along the Mickle Trafford railway, after walking down it many times over the last 6 months. I live just near the Egerton bridge access point and find the track is great for walks and bike rides with my son.

As a Blacon lad born and bred, this is a superb use of what little urban green space we have, and it makes me proud to walk down when I pass the cemetery and the canal that such a beautiful part of our wonderful City is in Blacon.

The bus route and the plans to build on Blacon Meadows are a disgrace, and should be stopped immediately. We have enough buses, and the Lord knows we have enough 'retail outlets'.

Keep up the good work, if you need any help with campaigning against these ludicrous ideas, please contact me.

Kind Regards

Mark, Blacon 2/12/00

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