A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway

Here is a handsome pavillion housing the New Scene Youth Club on the playing fields and sports ground bordered by Newton Lane, Kingsway and the old railway. Cycle and pedestrian access to these facilities could be easily provided.

However, a consequence of establishing a busway on the Mickle Trafford railway is that valued public open spaces such as this are likely, despite token hand-wringing by councillors, to become snapped up for even more housing and commercial developments.

And indeed, the process has already started, as was indicated at the end of April 1999 when this planning notice appeared in the local press:

"NEWTON: Residential development and new highway access to New Scene Youth Centre plus pedestrian and cycle access to Sustrans route at land- former allotments- and New Scene Youth centre, Newton Lane, for Cheshire County Council".

Here we see a 'Guided Busway'- similar to the system our councillors would like to foist upon us- operating in Melbourne, Australia. How would you fancy trying to take a quiet stroll or bike ride next to this concrete monstrosity- or have it running past your back garden?

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