A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway

Part II: Newton Lane to Mickle Trafford

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After years of talk and 'consultation' Hoole Bridge remains a death trap for cyclists and pedestrians. Demand action NOW!

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Newton Lane Bridge
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Thirlmere Road
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Derelict Railway Bridge
End of the Line
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Or return to part 1 of our 'virtual stroll' along the Mickle Trafford-Deeside railway: Newton Lane to Saughall - and, in case you're still entertaining doubts, prepare for a shock when you go here to see some 'artist's impressions' of the completed busway!

25th April 2002: "I have been asked to give some idea how people can access the Sustrans cycle / walkway. I hope these details will help those wanting to use this excellent facility since reading so much about the value of this tranquil route in the Standard Points of View pages. The Millennium cycle/walkway (linear park) is on the old Mickle Trafford to Shotton rail track and there are many access points, including the following:

Kingsway, Hoole, opposite the shops. The little lane passing the play area will bring you to the cycleway access.
Northgate Village, opposite the bus depot.
Liverpool Road, left at the entrance to the Fitness Centre.
Parkgate Road by the old railway bridge, near the Safeway roundabout.
Saughall Road by the Highfield pub
Egerton Road, off Highfield Road, Blacon
• The route can be accessed from the canal towpath too.

The route wilI become a natural country lane when not threatened by a two-lane concrete busway. It will be planted with wild flowers and more trees. It is intended to start the cycleway at Mickle Trafford as the Millennium route map shows, in the Sustrans Millennium Miles book".

Audrey Hodgkinson, Secretary, Anti-CDTS Campaign Groups

What the People Think!
A growing collection of letters to these pages and the Chester press in favour of the busway and- far more numerous!- letters against it. An accurate and uncensored indication of public opinion!

Some background material: Notes for a Controversial History parts I, II and III Lack of time has resulted in this material being by no means complete and for the moment is liable to omissions and inaccuracies. One day, however, we promise you that the full story will be told...

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