A Virtual Stroll Along the Mickle Trafford-Shotton Railway


walking the dog...Above, we see an increasingly common sight on the old Mickle Trafford railway these days- a family group enjoying quiet companionship, good exercise and fresh air, safe from speeding drivers and polluted air. Rare qualities indeed in today's rat race Chester.

But for how long? If our MP, Christine Russell, and most local politicians and planners on both sides of the border get their way- not to mention the transport and construction lobbies- we may have very little time left to enjoy it as it is.

As Anne Jones of the Society for the Preservation of Rural England (CPRE) put it in the local press recently, "Chester has acquired a fine and rare asset". We agree with her.

She continued, "The enthusiasm and enjoyment of all those using the new greenway is rewarding. Public consultation has consistently shown that a cycle/walkway in a natural green setting is what most people want".

end bridge
With these two final views of more happy users of the cycletrack, photographed in August 2000, we come to the end of this part of our exploration of the Mickle Trafford railway in this direction- at least for the moment.

I hope you have enjoyed our little trip and have learned something of this very special- and very threatened- place. Look out for further episodes appearing soon.

If you, in common with many, many more of Chester's citzens, feel you would like to see this old railway restored in a manner which would preserve its rural peace, but make it available to all to enjoy as a safe car-free route for efficiently getting around Chester and district, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD NOW- before it's too late!

As the Government Office for the North West will be taking the final decision upon Chester's Local Transport Plan, we urge all those wishing to prevent the CDTS Busway destroying the new SUSTRANS route to write to:

Eira Hughes, Director of Planning, Government Office for the Northwest, Sunley Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester M1 4BE

Now, if you've got the energy, it's time to return to Newton Lane to embark upon part two of our Railway Virtual Stroll!

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