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A Hoole Miscellany 1

beech grove in the 1950s

Jean Lloyd and her Aunt Sibell Beaumont in Beech Grove in the early 1950s- Jean was born in 1948. The houses look much the same sixty-odd years later- but where are the beech trees?
The author lives in Lime Grove, just a few yards from here. He is keen to find and share more pictures of this area. Can you help please?

behind lime grove

The rear entry behind Lime Grove and Clare Avenue 1949. Again, aside from resurfacing, this looks exactly the same today. My house is just a few doors away, behind where the photographer is standing. The ladies are sisters Lydia Lawrence and Sibell Beaumont. Their maiden name was Roberts. They lived at 31 Lime Grove and they were 2 of 15 children! The baby is Jean Lloyd who was born in October 1948.

corner of beech grove late 50s
The corner of Beech grove and Lime Grove, late 1950s

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