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Some Notable Memorials in the Overleigh Cemetery

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Here is the small and simple white Portland stone war grave of a young Chester girl from Liverpool Road who was serving in the Womens Royal Air Force, Marjorie Anne Tucker. While serving as a driver at RAF Sealand, along with a group of friends she arrived early at Sealand Station on 31st August 1918. To reach the exit, passengers had to walk about 35 yards and then cross the line at the rear of the standing train. Miss Tucker, being nearest to the line, failed to notice a train approaching which struck her and killed her instantly. She was just 32 years old. Her funeral was the city's first military funeral for a woman. The coffin, draped in the Union Flag, was drawn by the tender that Miss Tucker had driven. Tragically this occured just three months before Armistice Day.

Overleigh Cemetery contains 127 First World War burials, about half of them made from local hospitals including the Chester War Hospital which was housed in the old Infirmary building. Second World War burials number 69. The majority of the burials are scattered throughout the cemetery but there is a small war graves plot made up of 32 graves from both wars. Details can be found on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's website.

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