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ironbridge innA couple of small details from the 1875 Chester OS map show two of the inns that once traded in Egerton Street- and one that still does albeit under a slightly different name.

Above we see the junction of Egerton Street, running north-south, Milton Street, on the left and its continuation, Leadworks Lane, right.

At the time, this was a heavily industrialised area, housing all manner of cement works, foundries, chemical works and mills.

The Ironbridge Inn is illustrated right, no longer a pub but in its later role as a grocer's shop.

Facing it, on the corner of Milton Street, is The Union Inn. Its licencee in 1880 was John Dutton, in 1902 John Hewitt Boswick, in 1910-1914 Gilbert Gerrard, in 1934 T Stones. At some time, it had been remaned as The Union Hotel but by Mr Stones' tenure it was The Union Vaults, and it remains with us as such today.

Notice also the small brewery behind the inn. We think this was John Dutton's establishment.

In the lower map we see The Prince Alfred Inn (no 27 Egerton Street, corner of Albert Street). Its licencee in 1880 was Hugh Jones, in 1934-5 C S Ford. It is now a private house- illustrated below- but still looking every inch a pub, in 1997.

egerton street detail
prince alfred inn







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