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Photographs of Liverpool: The Sailors' Home 2

Stephen McKay has kindly contributed many of the following wonderful images to our tribute to the Liverpool Sailors' Home.
More information and pictures will be added as they become available. Stephen's fascinating history of the building is here....

herman sailors home
A beautiful watercolour by W G Herdman 1864. The first of three views separated by 40 years
but taken from an identical viewpoint and consequently showing remarkably similarities...

sailors home 1875
A photograph from 1875

sailors home postcard
A 1905 postcard.

sailor's home

sailor's home from corner of park lane
An evocative view of the Sailor's Home and trams from the corner of Park Lane

sailors home clock
sailors home clock detail
An American clock decorated with a print of the Sailor's Home on a glass panel

sailors home cabin
One of the cabins in the Sailor's Home, photographed in 1939

sailors home ironwork

ironwork 2
Above: Steve McKay and one of Sir Clough Williams Ellis's railings outside the
former Portmeirion Antiques Shop in Pont Street, Knightsbridge.

Left: Sailors' Home railings in Portmeirion Village, installed here in 1966.

sailors home ironwork 3

Corner sections removed from the Sailors' Home in 1974. They spent some years in Staffordshire before being auctioned and installed in the Liverpool Malmaison Hotel. Jools Holland now owns one of these corner sections, removed in the 1940s by Clough Williams-Ellis.

sailors home cabin in museum
Sailors' Home Cabin in the Museum Of Liverpool Life

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