A Hoole Miscellany 8

Alexandra Park Yesterday and Today part 1. On to part 2

foggy day in alexandra park
A Misty Morning in Alexandra Park 2002

hoole tennis club 1953
Rained off: Hoole Tennis Club 1953

Alexandra Park
Alexandra Park Bowling Green 2005

playing bowls in alexandra park 2009
A bad moment for Al: bowling with family and friends 2009

alexandra park 1905
Barely recognisable, the newly-opened Alexandra Park as it looked in 1905.
The houses on the right are in Panton Road and an as-yet undeveloped Canadian Avenue is in the background.

alexandra park 1940s
Alexandra Park in the 1940s. The viewpoint is similar to the photograph above. The saplings in the background became..

tress in alexandra park 2011
The Avenue in Alexandra Park, Autumn 2011. Photograph by the author

kids in the park
Above and below: two views of the long-vanished raised flower beds in the park

raised bed in alexandra park

swings in the park
A view of the swings and slide before the big grassy bank was built

alexandra park entrance

A view of the Panton Road entrance to Alexandra Park around 1910. Clare Avenue is opposite. The circular flower bed is no longer with us but the houses look much the same today. The distinctive spire in the background is 'The Spike'- the tower of the Chester Workhouse, which later became the City Hospital. It could be seen from far away by tramps looking for a meal and a bed for the night and the name 'spike' became a byword for similar establishments throughout Britain.
The hospital was demolished in 1991 and the site is now covered by houses. Only the chapel remains- now serving as a sports club- together with the workhouse's burial ground where hundreds of former inmates and foundlings lie at rest.

park signs
How it used to be: 2002

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