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Here we see busy traffic on a George Street unfamilar to modern eyes. Among the buildings now vanished is The Royal George Hotel, No. 31 George Street (corner of Victoria Road), which was demolished to make way for a car park in 1972.

The landlord in 1880 was David Jones, in 1902 John Dunbalin, in 1934 A L Catherall, in 1942 George Catherall. After him, during the 1940s it was Mr Thomas Shrives Evans, who died in the pub in 1952. His wife preceded him, having passed away on the premises in 1948. Here are some lovely photographs of him and his family in the pub. We've unforgiveably mislaid the name and contact details of the reader who kindly sent these. If you read this, get in touch as we'd love to give you the credit due for sending them (and perhaps learn more about them)...

thomas shrives evans
Thomas Shrives Evans
auntie dora
'Mum and Aunty Dora'
us soldiers outside royal george
Yanks outside the Royal George
bill and kitty
'Uncle Bill & Auntie Kitt'
The photograph below was taken from the City Walls and also shows, on the left, the Primitive Methodist Chapel and on the far right, part of the Cattle Market. This had vanished bt the time the top picture was taken, and would soon be followed by Astbury's Memorial Works and all the other buildings on the site to make way for the new Delamere Street Bus Station (seen, along with other views of the area, here). This in turn was done away with in 2007 and a new development of apartments and GP 'super surgery' are now, after a considerable delay, rising on the site. During excavation for an underground car park for these, a vast and ancient stone quarry was exposed to view which had been used to supply sandstone for the construction of the Roman fortress and, doubtlessly, for centuries after.

In the top photograph, the Methodist Chapel is gone and the George is seen to be boarded up with a 'for sale' notice on its window. A utilitarian car park now occupies the site where the it once stood. More pictures of the pub may be seen along with others illustrating the changing face of the area here.

The tall chimney in the background of both pictures belonged to 'Mullins' Chester & North Wales Hide, Skin & Fat Market'. This less-than-fragrant establishment was demolished, along with much else in the neighbourhood, after the Cattle Market closed.

The vehicles may prove evocative to those who, like myself who grew up around this time- and also help to date the photograph; the new-looking Austin 1100 on the right is 'J' registration, which was 1970-71. Also seen are a Ford Anglia Estate, a Mk I Ford Escort, a Singer Gazelle (I think) and two Mini pickups...

royal george and methodist church

royal george hotel

delamere street
The Royal George seen in the distance in this 1960s view of the Delamere Street/George Street corner

royal george in 1972
Just before the end: the Royal George just before its demolition in 1972

site of royal george
The site of the Royal George Hotel photographed from the City Walls by the author in November 2012.

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