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green dragon
The Green Dragon, Foregate Street (now a branch of Abbey National)

The original Green Dragon Inn was, for at least four centuries, located at 39 Eastgate Street where Thornton's confectioners is now. The advertisment below dates from this time, when Arthur Banks owned it in 1857. It was sold in 1893 to Dicksons the Seed Merchants who occupied premises either side of it at the time. The name was then transferred to the former Brewer's Arms (see picture below) in Foregate Street, becoming The Green Dragon Hotel.

The licencee in 1840 was Robert Nickson, in 1902 Thomas Montgomery, in 1910 Samuel Alfred Haswell, in 1914 John William Dawson.

It was known, due to its popularity with US servicemen during WW2, as The American Embassy. The brewer Greenall Whitley's logo, the date- 1920- and two dragons carved in stone still exist on the frontage. If you stand on the corner of Love Street and look up, the pub's name can still be seen painted on the gable end of the roof.

Electrical retailers Curry's took over the building for a few years but a branch of a building society occupies it today.

green dragon sign

green dragon carving
green dragon advert

green dragon hotel

green dragi=on hotel in 1909
In 1909

lady passing green dragon

brewer's arms
The original Brewer's Arms c.1895

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