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swinging gate inn saughall
The Swinging Gate Inn, Saughall c 1900. Across the road may be seen the still-thriving Greyhound Inn.

The Swinging Gate Inn traded for centuries on the corner of Church Road and Hermitage Road in Saughall. Its building is now a private residence. The inn's landlord in 1561 was George Martyn, in 1812 William Fenna, in 1820-28 William Wynne, in 1857 J Stubbs- when the pub was simply called The Gate, in 1860, Joseph Dunn. The licencee in 1902 was Mrs Mary Jones, who was still there in 1914.

In October 2014, Christine Bailey wrote to tell us, "My family moved to Saughall in 1955 and at that time the Landlady was called Mrs Roberts. My Dad was a regular there for many years. I think Mrs Roberts died and the pub closed for a while until her daughter moved in and reopened it– she was Mavis Gawthorpe who had lived previously in Lodge Lane, Saughall. At some point whilst living there Mavis got married so her name changed (briefly– only lasted a couple of days).
I don’t think the pub was very successful and eventually closed. It was empty for many years until it was sold and converted into a family home. There was a sign (seen in the photograph above) that hung from the telegraph pole of a green picket gate saying “this gate hangs well, it hinders none, refresh and pay, then travel on.”

swinging gate inn

swinging gate inn today
The Swinging Gate Inn today

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