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The Waterloo Inn Vaults, 67 Boughton (now The Chester Backpacker's Hotel)

The Waterloo Inn Vaults is now the Chester Backpacker's Hotel. Its licencee in 1818 (when it was called The Waterloo Tavern) was Robert Evans, in 1828 Richard Chadwick, in 1850 Thomas Chadwick, in 1859 J Nuttall, in 1880 (when it was listed simply as The Waterloo) William Stewart, in 1902-1910 Mrs Elizabeth Addis, in 1914 Thomas Addis, in 1935 F H Frow. We're informed that, at a currently unknown period during the 1950s/60s, Fred and Ethel Frow had the place- the same licencee still there from 1935 or a relative? They were succeeded by Reg and Rose Gilder. In thelate 1960s/early 70s, a Mr Stevenson- possibly Bill (our informant was unsure)- was the licencee.

The following images of the interior were taken in September 2001, not long before the pub closed...

waterloo inn sign

waterloo interior 1

waterloo interior 2

waterloo interior 3

waterloo interior 4

waterloo interior 5

group outside waterloo
A jolly group outside the Waterloo. What was the occasion and when?

Do you have any more information about this old pub?

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