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the woolpack

The Woolpack Inn long stood at 27 Northgate Street on 'Shoemaker's Row'. After it closed, the building housed Sidoli's Restaurant, then Weinholt's Bakery and now Chatwin's Bakery. The modern photograph below, showing it as such, was taken by the author in 2010.

The Woolpack had theatrical associations (and doubtlessly patrons), being situated close to the long-lost Music Hall- in fact previously being called The Shakespeare Tavern. It is recorded as such in Pigot's Directory for the years 1818-20 when the licencee was Thomas Hughes.

The licencee in 1822 was George Wooley, in 1840, when it was The Woolpack Tavern, Thomas Mansergh, in 1850 Thomas Porter, in 1857 R Smith, in 1880 Henry S Hewitt, in 1902 James Steele, in 1910-1914 J P Hankins, in 1935 Mrs J Singleton.

The inn was recorded as being used as a polling station in 1809.

woolpack inn

the woolpack

old woolpack today
The old Woolpack today

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