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glynne arms
The former Glynne Arms (photographed by the author, February 2010)

The Glynne Arms: no.100 Brook Street, corner of Francis Street. Its landlord in 1857 was E Pilsworth, in 1880 George West, in 1902 John Clarke, in 1910 Frederick William Attewell, in 1914 James Lowe and in 1942 Harold E Miller.

glynne arms, hawardenIn January 2006, reader Dave Huxtable contacted us about the old Glynne,

"We understand that the building was used as an antiques shop until around 1973 when it was sold to Powell Insurance Brokers who used it for their offices until we bought it late last year again for use as our office. We are consulting civil and structural engineers and deal with a lot of Chester's old buildings.

The cellar still survives, with its 'beer drop' (you can still see the ring which held it in the open position under the right hand window)- though well boarded up to prevent access, and some storage facilities.
Upstairs, on the ground and first floors no trace of the pub remains however, as it is very much converted into offices. There is a very fine porch which looks as if it is original.

We have an old (1973-ish) photo of the Francis Street elevation and the front corner return to Brook Street. We are keen to see an old photo so we can 'restore' the front, and want to put in sympathetic windows, and in particular the porch back to an original likeness."

If anyone can come up with any period pictures of The Glynne, contact Dave directly (and we'd like copies for this site too, please!)

In June 2013, a restaurant review in the local press drew our attention to the fact that the appearance of this Glynne Arms is very similar to that of its still-thriving exact namesake in Hawarden (illustrated right). Where they built by the same person or brewery?

interior of glynne arms
The bar of the Glynne Arms sometime during the 1950s. Note the bagatelle table. This cutting from the
Cheshire Observer records a match between the Glynne and the Grosvenor Park Hotel in March 1939..

bagatelle match 1939
'The Chester game'

Do you have any more information about this old pub?

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