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the muggeries

quaintways signThe wonderfully-ornate Muggeries was situated in Northgate Street near The Cross. It later became part of Quaintways nightclub. Earlier still, an inn called The Ship & Turtle occupied the site. The attractive (and very vunerable) stained glass windows of the old Ship & Turtle are now part of Rosie's nightclub.

The gentleman in the photograph is Mr William Higginson who was licencee of The Muggeries from 1898 to 1905. Standing with him is Miss M Campbell who ran a cake shop above the pub. Acccompanied and assisted by his daughter, Edith May, William left here for the Duke of York in Frodsham Street in 1906 and then, in 1910, to the Castle Inn in Nicolas Street.
She also later ran the Ring 'O' Bells in Foregate Street and the Brewery Arms in Saltney. She died in 1982.

We have found a record of one Frank Onions (1888-1937), who, between 1915 and 1920 served as "cellarman at Walker & Knights, aka The Muggeries, in Northgate Street".

We would love to know how the pub got its name. The only references to 'muggeries' we can find being another way of saying 'muggings'...

Quaintways, run by entepreneur Gordon Vickers, who also long owned the Mill Hotel next to the Shropshire Union Canal in Milton Street, is fondly remembered by many local people due to the high quality of live music presented there, ranging from dance orchestras, jazz- the Walled City Jazz Band being residents for many years- and, throughout the 1970s, major bands such as Thin Lizzy, Status Quo, Dire Straights, Uriah Heep, Family, Judas Priest, Parliament/Funkadelic, Bad Finger, Long John Baldry’s Steam Packet (with Judy Driscoll,Vocals, Elton John, keyboards, a young Rod Stewart fronting) and the Sex Pistols, to mention just a few.

We hope soon to bring you a more detailed feature about Chester's lost night spots and live music venues.... your support and advertising will make it happen sooner!

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