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angel hotel

demolishing the angel hotel

chester lodge homeHere are a couple of photographs of The Angel Hotel, which was situated at no 96 Brook Street, in the triangle of Egerton Street and Francis Street. (Phillipson & Golder give its address as no 1 Egerton Street.) The site is now occupied by the Chester Lodge Residential Home (illustrated right).

angel hotelIn the top picture, the property adjoining the pub has just been demolished- presumably for the widening of Francis Street, where redevelopment was taking place- and the bottom one shows it after this date, with a stout buttress supporting it.

The still-thriving Egerton Arms can just be see on the far right of the top and the modern pictures).

It is remarkable that five pubs once faced each other at this junction- the Angel Hotel, the Glynne Arms (which may be seen, transformed into an antique shop, on the left of the bottom photograph), the George Hotel, the Railway and the Egerton Arms. Since the Railway was turned into a funeral parlour (!) a couple of years ago, only the Egerton continues to trade here today. In addition, there is the excellent new Deva Tap, housed in the old cocoa house, a fine early example of the Arts & Crafts style from 1880, over the road- and this writer's local.

angel advertismentIn this old advertisment, of unknown date, the Angel's landlord is A McCalman. It 1880 it was Thomas Millington, in 1898 George Gregg, in 1902 Leonard Pearson- who was still there in 1920- in 1934-5 Mrs Owen, in 1942 Horace Owen, in the 1960s Ernie Blackburn, in 1968-72 Harold Jones. After this he moved across the road to the Railway Inn (also closed and now a funeral home). According to his daughter Carol, he ran both at the same time for a while. Speaking of the Angel, she said it "was a rat infested dump, not fit to live in"..

Can anyone out there help with the names of other licencees?

The pub is remembered by some oldies as 'the pub with the clock in the window'- which can be seen in the top two photographs.

angel hotel
The Angel on the right and, across the road, the old Glynne, serving as an antique shop

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