The Black and White Picture Place

Old Maps and Aerial Photographs of Chester

'Birds Eye View of the City Walls' circa 1855

Here is a curious view of Chester's continuous circuit of City Walls by engravers and publishers Evans & Gresty, published around the year 1855. It ingeniously incorporates both a visual guide for those walking the walls and a brief summary of their long and distinguished history.

Travelling clockwise from the bottom of the drawing, we see the Watergate, the railway (then very new) punching its way through the walls near Boneswaldesthorne's Tower and the Watertower, the bridge outside the Northgate crossing the canal, the Phoenix Tower, the Eastgate- minus its famous clock, which would not be installed for almost another half a century. Next is the Newgate and St. John's Church, the River Dee, the Old Dee Bridge and Bridgegate and finally, Grosvenor Street, leading to the Grosvenor Bridge.

On to a 1920 map of Chester...

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